Why La Madama Organic Soap?

True soap is very basic. It consists of oils, sodium hydroxide ,water and a few other ingredients. Glycerin is created during the process of making handmade soap, also called saponification That's all that is needed to cleanse the body properly without disrupting the PH levels of the skin.
Store-bought soap has a plethora of chemicals and detergents. Glycerin is removed for its monetary value and sold to other companies to be placed in more expensive skincare products. Other chemicals are then added to replace glycerin being removed. What you end up with is a bar of chemicals that irritate and disrupt the skin's natural balance. It's not soap at all! And all of those chemicals get passed on to your liver to process in an attempt to eliminate them from your body.

5 Benefits of Using La Madama Organic Soap

1       You Know What You Are Putting on Your Skin
2       It’s Cruelty-Free
3       It Contains Glycerin
4       You Support Local Businesses
5       It Has More Variety